#67 Bridge of Noutsos


The bridge of Noutsou or Kokkorou is located between the villages of Koukouli, Dilofo and Kipi, in Central Zagori. This is one of the most spectacular bridges of Zagori that captivates the visitor with its unique span.

It combines a great technique and a rare style that blends harmonically with the rich natural environment that surrounds it, the enormous adjacent rocks, the rugged canyon and the creek.The builder's wisdom is shown by the way he took advantage of the narrowing of the river, with two parallel rocks, which bypasses the line of the road and builds the paths that lead to the top, parallel to the bed.

Apart from its rare art and aesthetics, which has as a result the cultural ubdate ??of the area, this bridge holds also an important historical role, since it is located near the "Daveli's Cave". George Davelis the summer of 1881, chased by a Turkish military, took refuge in the cave and found salvation, which credited the church of Saint (Agia) Paraskevi for, near the bridge. That was why the thief built the icon of the Saint in the cave.

The bridge was formerly known as the "bridge of Kyr - Alexis" and occasionally suffered serious damages and as a result it required different maintenance work. Many were also involved in its maintenance, such as Grigoris Kokkoris, who had a mill near the bridge, from whom it took also one of the two names. Today, it is in very good condition.

In this position, which is the bridge built in, preexisted another one, which, according to tradition, it was used for the discovery and punishment of animal thieves. According to tradition, to see if a suspect was an animal thief, they coerce him to pass the bridge, carrying a goat on his back. If the suspect passed it or if he confessed, he was found innocent, otherwise the punishment was the drowning in the river.

Construction characteristics


  It dominates the region since 1750, when it was built at the expense of the Consul General of Zagoria, Noutsou Kontodimou, from Vradeto. It was reconstructed in 1768 by Noutsos Karamesinis, from Kapesovo.

This is one of the most impressive one-arched bridges of Zagori that captivates the visitor with its unique span. It is located between the villages of Koukouli, Dilofo and Kipi, in Central Zagori.

The bridge has a length of 23,60 m., and a height of 13 m. On its right develops a small arched opening that decorates the large surface of the wall. The deck of the bridge is a cobbled stone path and has a protective barrier of vertical stones (arcades). It's accessible on both sides from narrow paths, which are situated on vertical cliffs. Significant is the clever maneuvering of the craftsman, who built the bridge, to insure his work. To take advantage of the narrowing of the river he bypasses the straight bit of the road by building the paths that lead to its top, parallel to the bed.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data


One of the jewels of Zagori, the village Koukouli is located at an altitude of 900 m. and built amphitheatrically on the green hillside. The village is crossed by two main cobbled streets that end in a place called Aloni..

In the village you can visit the Church of the Assumption, one of the most beautiful churches in the area, and the Church of the Life Giving Spring, on the northeast side of the Old School. The complex includes five fountains. The most significant of these is the fountain of Basia-Manthou (1771), the Sternum, the Mesia and Chatzi Vritsi fountain, built in 1758.

The village also has beautiful stone and well-preserved mansions, the most notable of which are the mansions of the G. Kokkoros, Th. Anastasiadis, M. Papavasiliou (1842), the brothers Svolou (1784), the brothers Makris etc. The most impressive is the mansion of Plakidas. The Mansion of Plakidas in Koukouli, is an exemplifying architecture sample of Zagori and one of the most famous mansions of the entire region.

Do not forget to also visit the Cultural Center- Botanical Museum of Rizareiou Church School Kostas Lazaridis. The museum houses the famous botanical collection, the library (3,000 volumes), letters, documents, manuscripts, unpublished folklore texts, old newspapers, collection of minerals and rocks, photographs, stamps, tapes with ethnographic and folklore material and personal items of Kostas Lazaridis . It is housed in the family home of Mr. Lazaridis, that was donated to Rizarios Foundation.

Imprinting figures

  Noutsou's or Kokkorou's Bridge is located between the villages of Koukouli, Dilofo and Kipi, in central Zagori.

Directions: Going from Ioannina to Kipi, in about 35th km. we find on our right this most photographed bridge.

Peripheral Unit: Ioannina

Community: Koukouli

Coordinates: N 39°51'43,0'' E 020°46'30,9''

Altitude: 747 m.

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