#63 Bridge in Vaenades


It's a stone, one-arched bridge built in 1908 with the money of Andreas Spyropoulos. It's located just outside the village Kalota, while nearby there is another smaller bridge.

Construction characteristics


  It was constructed in the dawn of 19th century with the sponsorship of Andreas Spyropoulos and s located outside the village Kalota, at an altitude of 797 m.

It's an one-arched bridge with an opening arch of 4,30 m and a height of 4,30 (3,50 + 0,80) m. The deck's length reaches 14,60 m. and its width 2,20 m.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data


Kalota is situated on the eastern foothills of Mitsikeli, at an altitude of 840 m. and is 47 km. far from Ioannina. The area is of interest both for its local architecture and its archaeological findings in the old settlement of Skamnia. Here, ruins of a Roman fortress have been found and also a Latin Epigraphy with the name "Antonino Salve".

The village has churches, like the old church of the Transfiguration (1854), the church of Saint Paraskevi and other stone buildings, like the famous Bishop's Fountain. In a small distance from the village we can find the monastery of Visikou, which is one of the most important religious monuments of Zagori. It was built in 1114, renovated in 1787 and chronicled in 1818.

Imprinting figures

  It is just outside the village Kalota.

Directions: From the village Kalota we find a sign that leads us to the bridge and we begin a trekking of 10 minutes to find it.

Peripheral Unit: Ioannina

Community: Kalota

River: Zagoritikos

Coordinates: N 39.78303° E 020.83273°

Altitude: 797 m.

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