#58 Bridge in Lakkos of Gkouras (Tristeno)


It's a stone, one-arched bridge. We can find it on the old sideroad in the stream Gkoura Tristenou. A specific feature of this bridge is the fountain with its stone detail on the body of the bridge.

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On the eastern slopes of Tymfi we find the Tristeno village, at an altitude of 940 meters.

If you find yourself in the village, you can visit the traditional stone watermill, which was built in 1835. It was renovated in recent years and operates again. Also, you can see the church of St. George, built with classic local (of Zagori) architecture in 1793, the paved road in the middle of the village and the church of Agia Paraskevi.

Unfortunately, because of the disasters that the village had suffered by German troops, it retains only a few examples of local architecture.


This is one of the many labeled as martyrs villages of the region. It's a renowned Vlach village of Zagori, situated at an altitude of 980 m. and is 44 km. away from Ioannina.

It maintains a very small part of the local architecture, as in the period of the German occupation it was burned three or four times by the Germans, as so many homes were destroyed and many residents were executed.

The visitor of this beautiful village will confront in its main square the Cathedral of the Assumption and many picturesque cobbled streets that retain the traditional architecture.

Another noteworthy church is the one of Agios Dimitrios (Saint Demetrius), which is adorned with interesting frescoes - paintings of the 17th century. Remarkable, however, are the stone fountains that are available in the village.

Finally, excellent sample of temples in the region is the Monastery of Voutsas (672), one of the oldest of Epirus that was built in the tradition of the Byzantine emperor Constantine IV Pogonatos and was looted during the occupation.

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  Directions: Driving from Ioannina to Tristeno and Greveniti, we find a sign on our right that leads us to the bridge.

Peripheral Unit: Ioannina

Community: Tristeno

River: Vardas

Coordinates: N 39°46'76,9'' E 020°58'80,4''

Altitude: 846 m.

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