#43 Bridge Northeast of Three Fountains


It's an one-arched bridge located very close to the Bridge of Three Fountains. The year of its construction is estimated to 1875.

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It is a beautiful village located 60 km from Ioannina. Despite the total destruction that it has suffered by Turks and Germans, it managed to maintain pretty stone bridges and also the churches of St. Athanasius and St. Nicholas.


Amphitheatrically situated at an altitude of 960 meters, opposite the village Mitsikeli, we find the village Fragkades, which is 58 km. away from Ioannina.

In the village square we find the stone church of Saint (Agios) Dimitrios (1779) with its imposing polygon bell tower, the big tree, and the churches of St. Dimitrius (17th century) and Panagias (Virgin Mary's). Stone-built, well-maintained homes and an old watermill complete the picturesque scenery.

Below the main square we find the monastery of St. Nicholas of Fragkades. It was founded in 1578 and now survives only its catholic.

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  It's a small, stone bridge that's located very close to the one of Three Fountains and it's within the village.

Directions: We find it within the village.

Peripheral Unit: Ioannina

Community: Leptokaria

River: Zagoritikos

Coordinates: N 39°49'24,0'' E 020°54'52,5''

Altitude: 953 m.

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