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The famous Zagoroxoria is the place behind the mountain, as is clear from the Slavic intention Za, which means "back" and the accusative substantive gora meaning "mountain". It is the place where one can easily describe with just two words: stone and water.


The combination of rich cultural heritage, architecture and specificity of rare natural beauty, make him one of the most popular mountain destinations in the country.


Activities of alternative tourism


Lovers of extreme sports and alternative activities visit Zagoria to do Kayaking - Rafting, Mountainbike, Climbing, Parapente and Hiking. The rugged terrain of the area, the water element dominated Aoos and crystal Boidomatis make the region an ideal destination for alternative activities.

Hiking trails

The region of Zagoria appropriate for lovers of hiking paths, and here we find thirty-one (31) trails that were marked as part of the LIFE program in 1996.

Water activities

Routes of various levels of difficulty offer rafting and kayak rivers Aoos and Boidomatis. The most common route followed in Boidomatis starts from the bridge of the excellent and leads to the bridge Kleidonia while in Aoo one route starts from the bridge and ends at Bourazani Molyvdoskepastos Monastery, while the other-difficult-Palioselli starts and ends at Konitsa.


West of the plains of Aspraggeloi running off track for lovers of paragliding, but addressed only to those in possession of the proper equipment.


In Aspraggelous operates modern shooting from March to September and is offered for practicing shooting skills for competition and non-reasons.


A recommended route is the crossing of the gorge drives Tsepélovon starts and ends in the village gardens. It takes 3.5-4 hours.


Ano Pedina

Althea - Hotel

Tel: 26530 71700

Mob: 69760 58496

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Mountain Resort-Hotel - Restaurant - Spa

Bouras Mars

Telephone: 26530 41330

Fax: 26530 41311


Aeolian - Traditional Houses

Decan Helen

Mobile: 6937086510


Karpouzis Sotirios - Rooms - Restaurant

Phone: 2653041176


Zagori Suites-Hotel

Phone: 2653071076

Mobile: 6944342739


Dilofou Mansion - Hostel - Restaurant

Kontaxis George

Phone: 2653022455

Fax: 2653022083

Mobile: 6978417715


Athena - Hotel - Restaurant - Coffee

Phone: 2653071540

Fax: 2653071540

Mobile: 6947812488


Points of Historical and Cultural Interest


In the village square we find the triune temple of Agios Vasilios, which was built in 1852 in place of an older church, while a few meters away from the temple dominates the imposing bell tower built in 1887. Other points worth visiting are the elementary school of Papigo (1897), in the area which housed the valuable library of 1200 volumes, Michael Anagnostopoulos, great benefactor who founded the famous Kallineio School.


Plenty of well-preserved 19th century mansions, picturesque streets, temples and bridges can encounter in Vitsa, which is 37 km from Ioannina and consists of two districts, Upper and Lower Vitsa.


Beyond the stone houses, mansions, streets and temples in the village stands the famous building Rizareiou School and the home of the brothers Rizari. Also famous is Rizarios Handicraft Centre which serves as a showroom and shop traditional embroideries and textiles made ​​in the loom, and Rizarios Exhibition Centre which occasionally hosts various cultural activities.


Dubbed as the "balcony of Zagoria" since it is one of the highest villages.

The cobbled square there is the church of the Nativity of the Virgin (1799), who impresses visitors with its size and aesthetics


Great example is the architecture of Zagori Tsepélovon. Built at an altitude of 1080 meters on the slopes of Tymfi boasts elegant townhouses, stunning churches and quaint cobbled stone.

National Forest Vikos - Aoou

National Forest Vikos - Aoou  is a protected area of natural wealth, which is distinguished by the dramatic changes in the natural landscape, as the verdant lush succeeded by steep cliffs.

Officially declared a national park in 1973.

Northern Pindos National Park

The National Park of Northern Pindos institutionalized in 2005 with the merger of the Vikos-Aoou and Pindos (Valia Calda) with the main objective of the proper management of ecosystems, habitats and rare species of flora and fauna.

It is one of the largest terrestrial protected areas in our country, with a total area of ​​1,969,741 acres.

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