#110 Bridge of Gkoura


It is an arched bridge that is situated in Gkoura of the community of Kotomista of Ioannina. It bridges the stream Gkoura and you can get to it by going from Krapsi to Kotomista. It was built in 1944 by Christos Siontis from Chouliarades. The project cost 25.000 drachmas, which were gifted by a Major of E.D.E.S. named Evaggelidis.

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The project cost 25.000 drachmas, which were gifted by a Major of E.D.E.S. named Evaggelidis.


Additional historical, cultural and touristic data



It is built at an altitude of 1,050m on the slopes of Tzoumerka. It is well known for its craftsmen. However, the main occupation of the villages was stock breeding and agriculture. It’s also famous for its music. In particular, there are many events during summer in the village, the most notable of which are those during Easter and the three-day feast on September 7-8-9 in honor of Holy Mary. On the third day the traditional dances called kykles or kagkelari are carried out and on the third day the feast continues till sunrise.



The church of St Paraskevi, which was built in 1745 by craftsmen from Gkoura, adorns the central square of the village. Also, if you ever come to the village you should visit the stone built houses of Vourlokas, Giannikostas, Stamos, Karakostas, Tsirkas and Tsikos and the faucets of Diakos, Lemonia and Ragka, which are located on the central square.


The village is also of great historical interest, as 29 ancient silver coins were found in an excavated tomb by a resident in 1933. On the plain of Chouliarades a clay urn was found that was created between 600-500 BC (they are currently located in the archaeological museum of Ioannina).


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Directions: From Krapsi to Kotomista


Regional Unit: Ioannina


Location: Gkoura


River: Aracthos River, Gkoura stream


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