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Thesprotia is one of the most endowed in natural beauty areas of Epirus. It has mountainous areas that fascinate with its green landscapes and towering volumes, seaside villages that enchant with their beautiful beaches and picturesque coves sheltered them.

The extent of Regional Unity Thesprotia is 1,515 sq. km. and the population reaches 44,488 inhabitants.

It consists of the municipalities of Igoumenitsa, Sagiadas, Acheron, Sivota, daisies, riverside storytellers, friendships and communities Partridge and Souli.

The biggest part of it is mountainous. On the west side there are mountains Friendship (alt. 1,064 m), and the mountains of Parga (alt. 927 m). At the border with Albania is dominated by mountains Tsamantas while to Ioannina find continuity of the mountains Tsamantas Mourgana (alt. 1,806 m) and Paramythia, an extension of the legendary Soulioti mountains with peaks Gorila (alt. 1658 m .) and Chionistra (alt. 1.644m.). As we approach the sea, we find plains as well, Paramithia, Acheron and Margariti. The major river of the county is Thyamis (Kalamas) with their tributaries Lagkaditsa, Kalpakiotiko and Chavos.

Capital of Regional Unity is Igoumenitsa, which is built in a beautiful bay.

Activities of alternative tourism

Those engaged in mountaineering and hiking can walk the path of major European routes E6. Authority is Igoumenitsa. The trail crosses the storytellers Gorila Mountains and ends at Dodona Regional Unity Ioannina.

Also deal with riding on Mount Gorila and River pertussis in small paths and trails in the beautiful forests of the ancient castle Paramythias, the ancient castle Elea, in Campos Paramythias and villages of the mountainous Thesprotia, etc.

The Acheron carry out activities such as river trekking, and hiking trails in the banks and in some places into the river, a walking path that starts from the sweet with the sources in the villages of Souli. There is the possibility of moving in two banks, and the river at several points is shallow. Connoisseurs of canyoning, at the Strait of Acheron can cross the gorges walking and using ropes to vertical rocks and in places forming small waterfalls.

For beginners rafting, kayak & canoe-kayak, Acheron is the ideal place as there are companies that offer guided the right equipment for the trails and professional drivers.

Thesprotia is ideal for Mountain Bike lovers due to leafy country roads.

Finally, for many supporters of paragliding,  flights from Mountain Naturalist & Aerosport club tales from the side of the mountain Gorila.



Villada - Furnished Guest House

Margarítion Thesprotias (Thesprotia, Epirus)

Tel: +30 6936800765

Hotel Sivota

Sivota (Thesprotia, Epirus)

Tel: +30 2665 093265, +30 26650 22472

3 Coast Resort

Sivota (Thesprotia, Epirus)

Tel: +30 26650 91206

Agathe Rooms

Sivota (Thesprotia, Epirus)

Tel: +30 2665 093492

Alexander Guesthouse

Sweet (Thesprotia, Epirus)

Tel: +30 26660 41036

Points of Historical and Cultural Interest

In your quest to Thesprotia visit:

The tower Pagiou Ligia, 13 km from Igoumenitsa. It is the remains of the ancient city of Toroni.

The monastery Paganies 18th century., With frescoes and mosaics, which has been built for the second time. It is 40 km from Igoumenitsa.

Citadel Dimokastro (Twin Castle) was the colony of ancient Corinth. Dimokastro is the site of the ancient city Elina, in the village of Partridge.

Ton fortified settlement of classical - Hellenistic period in Sage and Polyneri.

The single Giromeri that the years of Ottoman rule functioned as a secret school, Filiates.

The single Kamitsiani, Filiates, founded in 1613 and has remarkable frescoes of the 18th century.

The ancient city Gitani the Titan, 7 km from Filiates. H Titan was an important city during the 4th century. BC and the center of the kingdom of Pyrrhus. 

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