#168 Bridge of Kavala



Construction characteristics


  It was built in the early 19th century, with money that was provided by Antonios Tsakiris, a member of the Tsakiris family from Souli that hid in the Agioi Pantes village after the destruction of Souli by Ali Pasha

Arch Length: 5.60m

Arch Height: 4.40m

Deck Length: 12.80m

Deck Width: 2m

Condition: Very Good

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  The area is full of traditional villages that are located on the slopes of Mourgana (Tsamantas Mountais). The paths to the peak of the mountain aren't sign posted so it is hard to reach it. However, there are many that enjoy the beauty of the mountain.

The big springs of Laggavitsa (=mother of water) is located on the eastern slopes of Mourgana and the place there has been modified to suit the visitors.

There are six stone bridges in the area (five arched and one truss). The monasteries of St George of Kamitsiani and of St Athanasios in Vavouri are (along with the monastery of Makraleksi that is on Mourgana) great religious attractions.

The monastery of St George of Kamitsiani is one of the greatest monasteries of the area. Although the date of its construction is still unknown, we know that it was renovated in the 18th century. The monastery was an important religious and spiritual centre and it was considerably wealthy. Currently, only the church of the monasteries is preserved and it serves as the parish church.

Many writers have written about the area of Mourgana, where deadly battles occurred during the civil war, and some of their work became quite famous. As a result many people were motivated by those scripts and came to visit the area.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: It is located in Agioi Pantes and we can find it on the road that lead from Filiates to Tsamantas

Regional Unit: Thesprotia

Community: Agioi Pantes

River: Kalpakiotikos

Coordinates: N39.42.83 E020.20.99, 3

Altitude: 958m

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