#165 Bridge of Kenos


The bridge of Kenou is located in a ravine before the entrance of the village of Tsamantas in Thesprotia. It is a small bridge that bridges Kenou, a stream of Ksanthos River.

Nomenclature: Tsamantas bears the name of the byzantine family of Tsamantouros, who got this area (13th century) as a fief.

Construction characteristics


  Arch Length: 3m

Arch Height: 2.30m

Deck Length: 7m

Deck Width: 1.80

Condition: Bad (the left abutment started to sink and the whole bridge is full of vegetation)

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  The museum of folklore stands out in Tsamantas village

The museum of folklore of Tsamantas was created in 1983 by a folklorist from Tsamantas named Kostas Zoulas. It is housed in the village's old stone school and its collection has over 3000 rare exhibits, photographs, folk art, wooden statuettes and other objects, most of which were given to the museum by the residents of the village. The museum of Folklore of Tsamantas is partially founded by the Ministry of Culture. It also participated in many folklore exhibitions and other events, showing this way our rich folk tradition and heritage. The founder of the museum, Kostas Zoulas, was awarded by the Academy of Athens for this contribution.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: Once you enter Tsamantas village you will find it after the first turn to your left

Regional Unit: Thesprotia

Community: Tsamantas

River: Ksanthos River

Coordinated: N 39° 46΄31, 3΄΄ E 020° 20΄51, 3΄΄

Altitude: 537m

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