#156 Bridge in Kotsileika


Located in Ano Kalentini the settlement of Kotsileon bridges the torrent and then leads to the retzianitiko stream of the river Kalentini. Another stone arch bridge with unknown date of creation.

Construction characteristics


  This stone, arch bridge located in Ano Kalentini the settlement of Kotsilaion torrent and bridges which results in retzianitiko river stream Kalentini. The creation date remains unknown, but there is evidence for its dimensions.

The opening arc is 4.10 meters and height of 4.40 (2.40 + 2.00) m. The length of planking touches 10 m. and width of just 1.80 m. Unfortunately, the bridge is in very poor condition.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  Byzantine - Post-Byzantine monuments:

Church of St. George in Peta: Plakoskepasti, aisled, vaulted, Basilica, without dome, with pillar arched gallery (shed) and nice separate belfry. It was built before 1765, burned down in 1822 and renovated in 1850. Relics of particular value, a silk-epitaph of 1647 and a Gospel version of Venice 1765.

Rovelistas Monastery: Located in secluded hillside in the area of Veletziko (Municipality Karaiskaki) and 6 km from the main road (before the Ano Kalentini). It is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin. Active female post-Byzantine monastery.

Monastery of the Virgin Mary (Megalochari): built in mid 17th century and is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin. The history of the monastery for many years has been inextricably linked with our National history: Radovyzinoi captains declared on January 25, 1854 revolution against the Turks, known as the Revolution of Mpotsis.

Church of the Assumption: Plateroofed, aisled basilica. Built in 1781 and is decorated with exquisite frescoes and adorned.

Latest Monuments


Building heirs Gavrogou, Peta. A listed monument.

Building "Spirou Zambas", Peta. A listed monument.

House "Vangelis Kolios", Peta. A listed monument.

House "Anagnostakis", Peta. A listed monument.

Second house heirs "Zambas", Peta. A listed monument.


Bridge "Patini Kamara" in Ano Kalentini.

Bridge "Kamara of Vrasitsa" Ano Kalentini. A listed monument.

Stone Bridge in Messopyrgos.

Watermills - Fullings:

Watermill in Ano Kalentini (Georgopoulos & Kamperi).

Imprinting figures

  Directions: Before we get to the bridge Vratsista is found on your left hand.

County: Arta

Community: Ano Kalentini

River: Kalentini

Coordinates: N 39 ° 1519,3 E 021 ° 1006,5

Elevation: 226 m.

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