#151 Bridge at the stream of Chatzigiannis


It is an arch bridge located in Athamanio and spans the stream Chatzigianni. Built in 1910 with exceptional technique, to facilitate the transportation of the region. The important thing is that the utilitarian value remains constant until the present day. However, we could not say the same for its aesthetics, as the bridge almost indistinguishable from the greens that have gird.

Construction characteristics


  Built in 1910. It is an arched bridge Athamanio located at an altitude 751 m and spans the stream Chatzigianni.

The opening arc is 6.00 meters and height of 4.90 (3.40 + 1.50) m The length of deck reaches 10 m and width of 3,50 m

The technique is excellent and construction absolutely harmonious with the environment. The utilitarian value remains constant, though, from an aesthetic standpoint, the bridge has lost much of its value, as it is wrapped greens.Nevertheless maintained in good condition until today.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  Byzantine-post-Byzantine monuments

Church of St. Nicholas in Melissourgi.

Monastery of the Virgin Birth in Theodoriana.

Latest monuments


The "Coulia" of the Kaliamitro. The oldest house in the village still standing upright. It was built shortly after 1800.


Bridge Gouras in Theodoriana

Watermills - Fullings:

Watermill - Fulling (St. George Church property) in place Lauros, in Theodoriana.

On the bridge at the entrance of the village and next to the river, the fulling mill and the new watermill belong to the church of St. - George.

Equally impressive is the climb to Analipsi church (1200 m.) and the top Strogoula (2112 m.) from the settlement Agnanta. It is one way in which we find earthy and bedrock area, which repeatedly intersected with forest road. It has adequate signage in the first place, but on the way the labeling is extremely incomplete.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: Located in downtown Athamanon.

County: Arta

Community: Athamanio

River: Sarantaporos

Coordinates: N 39 ° 2228,4 E 021 ° 1304,7΄΄

Elevation: 751 m.

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