#149 Bridge of Tsagkarakis


It is an arch bridge, located at the entrance of the village Athamanio. Was probably built in 1890 and spans the namesake river of stream Sarantaporos. The beautiful stone bridge looks abandoned and poorly maintained, giving his own battle with the elements. Near this we find the fountain of Tsagaraki.


Construction characteristics


  Was probably built in 1890 and spans the namesake river of stream Sarantaporos. It is an arch bridge height 6 m. (5.00 + 1.00 m.). The opening arc reaches 7.50 m.

The elegant stone bridge to locate the entrance to the village Athamanio, while near it we find the fountain of Tsagaraki.

The length of the deck is 20.00 m. and its width is 3.00 m. The bridge looks abandoned, but still kept in good condition.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  Shifting to new forms of alternative tourism, has occurred in recent years in the region of Epirus, which due to its geomorphology and scarce natural wealth, is the privileged place for developing such forms of tourism. Nature Tourism, Mountain, Cultural, Adventure, Ecotourism, Health and Natural Life, Sports, Therapeutic, Educational, Scientific, all of its forms are in a positive trend, which is evidenced by the massive turnout of tourists during the last decade in areas which give the possibility for alternative activities.

If taking as a reference the magical Tzoumerka, the Arachthos and Ambracian gulf in Arta, a wide range of options for alternative activities is unfolded. Having recognized the gifts of nature in the region, as people from across the length and breadth of the land visiting Arta to experience its beauty.The city of Arta, but also the larger areas are ideal bases of operations for one to contact with and get to know the entire county.

The epic Tzoumerka invite the visitor to discover the area and the traditional settlements in the region, give him the opportunity to relax and to enjoy the great architecture, while at the same time to learn the history and tradition of the place.

Various hiking and water trails, the meeting with the rich culture and history of the place and dozens of accommodation, dining and entertainment await the potential visitor who if will be lucky will enjoy the rich cultural events and festivals that take place in the area.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: The encounter entering the Athamanio of the old road.

County: Arta

Community: Athamanio

River: Sarantaporos

Coordinates: N 39 ° 2222,1 E 021 ° 1250,7΄΄

Elevation: 765 m.

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