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Constructed in 1895 at Barda Place in Voulgareli over the stream Sarantaporos. The arched bridge of Fairy (Neraida) although it seems nowadays abandoned, is in good condition and in harmony with the natural landscape that surrounds it.

Construction characteristics


  Stands proudly over the stream Sarantaporos in Barda, stoically braving the rapids of which result in Arachtos. It is found by entering the Vourgareli coming from Arta.

Built in 1895 at an altitude of 775 m with sponsorship of Constantine bird. This arch bridge with arch opening 7.80 m and height 7.80 (7.00 + 0.80) m. The length of the ordination of planking reaches 21.80 m. The width of the deck is quite small and does not exceed the 1,90 m.

The arched bridge of Neraida looks nowadays abandoned, but is in good condition.

The harmony of the structure of the landscape creates the feeling that the bridge is an extension of it.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  Riding in Vourgareli

Vourgareli is one of the biggest villages in the mountainous Arta and is 58 km. away from the capital of the county. Located on the south side of Tzoumerka at an altitude of about 800 meters between two firs hills, the Prophetes Elias at east and at west Omali, which protect it as a natural embrace.

It is a highly favored village of the same nature, with the green of the trees in all its hues dominated anyway. The abundant springs result in two rivers on the edges of the village.

So, there, in a dense forest of fir we identify the unit of touristic riding at an altitude of about 900 m. The unit is 500 meters from the village center and has all the necessary touristic infrastructure like hotels, lodgings and taverns. The paths that can follow the riders cross the forest end up to the tops of Tzoumerka.

Naturally, the options and opportunities available at routes are innumerable. In order to discover more, someone needs to come in contact with the Equestrian Club of Arta to obtain the necessary information and guidance.

In equestrian programs are offered classical riding, equestrian, horse racing, hurdles, therapeutic riding, educational and promenade, sports games and all kinds of cultural activities.

Vourgareli Event: May 5 - dedicated to Voulgareli bombed by the Germans on May 5, 1943.

Local Festival: Prophetes Elias (July 20)

Imprinting figures

  Directions: It is found by entering the Vourgareli coming from Arta. Located by the path we follow in our right hand.

County: Arta

Community: Vourgareli

River: Sarantaporos

Coordinates: N 39 ° 2209,9 E 021 ° 1057,0

Elevation: 775 m.

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