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The birthplace of Maximus Grekos, Nikolaos Skoufas, General Makriyannis and Georgios Karaiskakis. The place to Byzantine monuments, medieval castles and splendid stone structures. The place of legends and of the famous bridge ... Arta, a place endowed with natural beauty and a great culture, rich tradition and rare people.

Activities of alternative tourism

With reference to the magical Tzoumerka, the Arachtos and Ambracian gulf Arta unfolds a wide range of options for alternative activities.

Various hiking and water trails, getting to know the rich culture and history of the place and dozens of accommodation, dining and entertainment await potential visitor.

The Mountaineering Association of Arta can arrange your tour and introduce you to the most beautiful and most suitable routes for climbing and hiking in the surrounding area. The mountains of Tzoumerkon of Xerovounio and Gragovou offer numerous trails and multiple levels of difficulty.

Prominent in the preferences of those who like water activities held Aracthos River, which offers countless trails and a variety of alternative activities, such as, Canoe, Kayak and Rafting. The sport of downhill rivers can be enjoyed by visitors to the area of the crystal Arachthou, and the Lake Pournariou. Alternative tourism companies have the necessary equipment, organization and professional staff that can help secure the fulfillment of the dream of the novice or even experienced friends of sorts, while alternative tourism companies operating in the region organize routesfor one and two-seater kayak in turquoise waters of the artificial lake Pournariou.

Wide range of routes for riding next to Arachtos offers a small unit near the riding position Broom, while Vourgareli identify the unit tourist riding, at an altitude of about 900 meters The unit is 500 meters from the village center and has all the necessary tourist infrastructure, such as hotels, rooms and taverns. The paths that can follow the riders cross the forest and up to the tops of Tzoumerka. In equestrian programs offered classical riding, equestrian, horse racing, hurdles, therapeutic riding, educational and promenade, sports games and all kinds of cultural activities.

The area is also suitable for other activities, in combination, such as camping, spas (6 km north of Arta, in Chanopoulo) microlighting and paragliding, track Moto-cross, bike, and scuba diving in the abundant beauty of the Ambracian gulf.




Number of Rooms: 8

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Number of Rooms: 5

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Arta Apartments

Tel: +30-6978-470819



Number of Rooms: 22

Operation Period: Jan to Dec

Category: 3 Star

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Operation Period: Jan to Dec

Category: 3 Star

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Tel: +30-26810-70135

Fax: +30-26810-70135

Points of Historical and Cultural Interest

The city of Arta

At the entrance of the town is the town's landmark, the famous stone bridge of Arta, known by the homonymous municipal poem. On the east side of the Iears Odou of Amvrakias, survived a major - for the type and style of writing-inscription of the 6th In addition, the archaeologists discovered near the present church of St. Constantine a small theater, with the orchestra and four rows of seats. Rescued parts of the ancient wall, in the northeastern part of which later rebuild the Byzantine castle (13th century) which is of the most beautiful castles and well preserved, with repairs to the Turks in excellent condition. Near the Kilkis square rescued part of the great temple of the Pythian Apollo Savior. The Museums of Arta, Ioannina, Athens, Rome, London, there are statues, inscriptions, jewelry, coins, vases, figurines, etc., derived from the ancient Amvrakia.

Wall of Ancient Amvrakias

One of the major attractions of Arta and the most representative, perhaps, of a sample of medieval aspect. This is an excellent defensive wall, particularly well-constructed.

Temple of Pythian Apollo Savior

It is part of the great temple of ancient Amvrakias and dated to around 500 BC. Located in central Arta. It is a temple of the late Archaic period, Doric

Little Theatre Amvrakias

On the basis of architectural form, theater dating from the late 4th with early 3rd BC century., during the reign of Pyrrhus.

Southwest Cemetery Amvrakias

Today extends along road Kommenou. When was stretched along the ancient highway that ran from the south, main gate and led to Ambrakia seaport city in Ambrakiko with elaborate burial enclosures of either side.

Faik Pasha Mosque in Imaret

Founded by Faik Pasha is one of the oldest mosques in the area. It consists of a square prayer hall, minaret and pillar-support gallery. Around the mosque found looted tombs and inscriptions. There, by conjecture, buried Faik Pasha. Nowadays works as a church dedicated to St. John.

Lady of Koronisia

Little Church of the Nativity of Mary, found in Koronisia middle of the Gulf of Ambracian. It is one of the oldest temples of the Byzantine Arta and chronologically placed around the 10th century.

The Lady Parigoritisa

The Lady Parigoritisa founded between 1285-1289 by the Despot of Epirus Nikephoros'. Dominates commanding hillside Peranthis.

The church of Saint Theodora

The original church was built in the 11th century. in the form of the basilica in honor of St. George. Today, however, commemorates St. Theodora, Queen of Arta and patron.

The Castle

One of the city's historical monuments.


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