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Among the rocks, in a narrowing of the stream Kouvaras, is the namesake bridge. The bridge Kouvaras was built in 1926 and is located in the northwestern part of the ravine of Pogoni, the point of which passes the path of Dolo. The one-arched bridge is located at an altitude of 784 meters and is named after the tributary of the Drin.

As it is: "At that time Paschalis Ziounis was building the house, in Dolo, Pogoni. The elders of Vostina asked him and agreed to build the bridge. The structure was designed and calculated by Meligkano, a mechanic of prefecture of Ioannina, and costed 50,000 drachmas. The master builder Mastro - Paschalis and his mob (all older than him) built the bridge at a cost of 16,000 drachmas. The deal was closed in the name of Kotsiou Galani and is the one who kept the account books."

Today, the small bridge survives in good condition.

Construction characteristics


  The small stoned bridge that bridges the stream of Kouvaras was built in 1926.

The bridge that connects the rocky narrowing of the tributary of Drinos stands for its meticulous, arc -stones, unlike the rest of the masonry, the construction of which does not show the same care.

The contracture was completed by master builder Paschalis Ziounis, taking as a reward for him and his mob the sum of 16,000 drachmas., which was actually much smaller than what he had budgeted for the project the Greek government, which undertook also the cost of the construction. The rest of the mob consisted of: Petro Giannouli Tseroni 1869-1945, a modest master builder, pelican and the right hand of Paschali Zouni), Thoma Tseroni (1891-1936), Kotsio Galani (1892-1949), Mitsio Gousia (1897-1991), Toloudi Galani (1869-1938), Kyrka Galani (1893-1972), Lampro Galani (1902-1973) and the masters Nasio Ziouni (1911-1988) and Micho Tseroni (1911-2003).

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  From the villages of the area that stand out is the village Dolo, one of the most beautiful villages of Pogoni. The special value of the settlement has been recognized since 1978, when it was declared a traditional settlement, because of its significant architectural elements that are a rare legacy. In Dolo, we can distinguish the church of St. Nicholas. This is the main temple of the village, which was built on the ruins of an older temple. The stone structure dominates the center of the village since 1814.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: It's located in ravine of Kouvara, not far away from village Dolo

Peripheral Unit: Ioannina

Community: Dolo

Location: Ravine of Kouvara

River: Stream of Kouvara

Coordinates: N 39° 59,960΄ E 020° 26,360΄

Altitude: 784 m.

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