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In the village of Dolo is one of the most famous bridges in the area. The Nonoulos bridge, was built in 1880, and spans the stream of Kouvara, a tributary of the Drin, in a narrow, rocky passage of Kouvaras valley. Near the bridge is a traditional watermill, while the site is easily accessed by a paved path that starts just before the village of Dolo.

The one-arched bridge is named after Nonoulo Galanou, a resident of the area, and hides a rare story of offering to the region.

The founder of the bridge was a poor woman in the area, which was forced to pass the often impulsive and dangerous stream over the old wooden bridge of the river in order to sell her products in neighboring areas. The lady Nonoulo, realizing the danger of crossing both for herself and for her fellow villagers, decided to raise money, lifetime efforts, to dispose of the construction of a new, safer bridge. The lady Nonoulo, because of her act, left her name in history by giving her name to the bridge and also to the adjacent mill.

Construction characteristics


  The traditional bridge, the construction of which surrounds a rare story of selflessness, was completed in 1880.

The bridge rests on two rocks in the narrowing that the river Drin forms. From the architectural elements that stand out is the elaborate crown, while interest generates also the base of the arch which shows as a continuation of the stone structure.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  From the villages of the area that stand out is the village Dolo, one of the most beautiful villages of Pogoni. The special value of the settlement has been recognized since 1978, when it was declared a traditional settlement, because of its significant architectural elements that are a rare legacy. In Dolo, we can distinguish the church of St. Nicholas. This is the main temple of the village, which was built on the ruins of an older temple. The stone structure dominates the center of the village since 1814.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: Before the village Dolo, in the church of St. Dimitri, we find a stone passage that leads us in place Ksylogefyro, where we find the bridge and the mill.

Peripheral Unit: Ioannina

Community: Dolo

Location: Ksylogefyro

River: Kouvara stream

Coordinates: N 40° 00΄36,0΄΄ E 020° 26΄35,3΄΄

Altitude: 785 m.

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