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One of the most spectacular bridges in the region of Pogoni is located in the valley of river Gormos, in place Gkretsi. The traditional stone bridge consists of three arches, one primary and two relievers. The main arch of the bridge connects the two rocks between which the river Gormos forms an impressive waterfall. Nitsa Syniki Papakosta says: "The site that the bridge is built is like a huge, tall, flat rock, which has been cut vertically for the river to pass."

The bridge is located at an altitude of 657 meters and the construction date is set around 1830. The completion of the important bridge work facilitated highly both to the transfer of local people and their goods, as the area was a passage to the adjacent rural areas and adjacent to the nearby mill.

The stone bridge also impresses for its elegance construction and its impeccable harmonization with its surroundings, showing the value of folk architecture.

Construction characteristics


  One of the most impressive, in its architecture, bridges is in place Gkretsi, in river Gormos.

The main arc of the bridge completes its movement in a circular orbit, while the ornate wreath adorns the bridge of two different size ranges of stones (apsidolithon). A similar technique is followed and two auxiliary arcs, which are beyond their practical value, give both the symmetry of the structure and the gentle feel, removing the uniform volumes.

The deck of the bridge is covered in Kalderimi, and because of its steep slope, selvedges are fitted. In each side of the deck has been manufactured a stone parapet which on top of the bridge forms an angle.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  In locations Paliouria and Plasi Palaiopyrgos there are two settlements of the early Iron Age to the cemeteries. They are located on the right bank of the river Gormos within 3 kilometers of the location Glava.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: From the village Palaiopyrgos, that's about 60 kilometers away from Ioannina, we go down towards the valley of river Gormos.

Peripheral Unit: Ioannina

Community: Palaiopyrgos

Location: Gkretsi

River: Gormos

Coordinates: N 40° 00΄15,8΄΄ E 020° 29΄13,9΄΄

Altitude: 657 m.

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