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In an area obscured by dense vegetation, in the village Vristovo, complete harmonized with nature of the region, it's located the bridge of Pappa. This traditional, one-arched bridge was constructed so the stream, that goes into the river Kasovitiko, to be able to flow.

The small bridge is located within the village of Vristovo at 536 meters altitude and its approach it is unobstructed. Despite the obvious signs of aging, the bridge is preserved in good condition.

The construction of the traditional building is attributed to master builder Korakis, and even has its original name from him. Its established name is due to the fact that within a walking distance of the village lived a priest.

Construction characteristics


  A small, one-arched bridge of simple architecture is located in Vristovo, Pogoni.

The small bridge is distinguished mainly for its utilitarian value and not for the specificity of its construction. Architecturally is distinguished by the elaborately arranged stones (kamarolithia). The rest of the walls are not very well carefully arranged, having developed with the technique of rubble, with the massive stones becoming immediately apparent giving the impression that they have been installed without grouting.

The deck of the bridge is covered in Kalderimi that was constructed with stones from the same river. Apparent is the absence of any other Arcadia and protective shielding.

The construction of the bridge was made by master builder Korakis, which even caused its original name.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data


Imprinting figures

  Directions: It's located in the entrance of village Vristovo

Peripheral Unit: Ioannina

Community: Vristovo

Location: Lakos tou Pappa

Coordinates: N 39° 47΄94,8΄΄ E 020° 30΄87,9΄΄

Altitude: 536 m.

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