#136 Two Bridges (Pogoniani)


A rare case of bridge work can be found in the village Kato Lavdani. This is the construction of twin bridges, which are constructed in such a way as to form an angle of 90 degrees. The "twin bridges" were built in 1904 by master builder Koraki, bridging the two at times impetuous streams that create the Kasovitiko River.

Describing their particular architecture, Nitsa Syniki - Papakosta says: "In essence it is a double-arched bridge, the plan of which forms a right angle."

Of its particular construction stands out, the stone, illegible inscription, in which can be read the year of the construction, of the bridges.

Construction characteristics


  A unique masterpiece of traditional bridge work is located in the village Kato Lavdani. It's about the rare building of two identical bridges that connect the beds of two streams, which only a few meters below, combine to form the River Kousovitiko.

The two bridges date back to 1904 and show many similarities in construction.

The corridor crossing the two bridges joins, so, as to form it can be described as two-arched bridge with an angle of 90 degrees.

Despite the similarity of the construction of two bridges differ in their dimensions. This left has an opening arc 4.00 meters and a height of no more than 3.40 meters. The deck of the bridge has a length of 8.50 meters and the width does not exceed 1.50 meters. The structure on the right has an opening arc 5.00 meters while the height reaches 4.00 meters. Differences occur in the second deck construction, with its length exceeds to 10 meters, while the width reaches 1.20 meter.

The project assigned to master builder Koraki.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  In the foothills of Mourgana, near the village Makralexi, is one of the most historical monasteries of Pogoni. The monastery dates from the 11th century, while a series of damage and destruction led to successive restoration work which shaped monastery in the form it is today.

The monastery played an important social role in the long history of allocating some of the revenue to support the residents.

Of particular value is also the inside of the temple, which is full of valuable paintings. The illustration of the monastery, which was completed in 1902, took up the painters Nicholas and Michael from Linotopi, Kastoria. The rare pictorial work has been damaged because of time and poor maintenance in the past. Inside the monastery, historical religious relics such as Gospels and icons, but they were lost.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: Driving from Vristovo to Lavdani we meet them at our left hand, before we enter Lavdani.

Peripheral Unit: Kato Lavdani

Location: Two Bridges (Dyo Gerfyria)

Coordinates: N 39° 46΄59,5΄΄ E 020° 29΄03,4΄΄

Altitude: 270 m.

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