#131 Bridge in Megali Rachi


In a small narrowing of the river Drin, in place of Mega Rahi, is located a bridge with a small opening which dates back to 1895. The bridge is part of the road that connects the Hani Delvinakiou with Vostina and serves to this day the land transport, integrated in the newest road crossing.

The construction, as well as in several bridges of the period, it was part of the effort of the Ottoman state to improve land transport and communication between regions, exploiting geographical position of Pogoni to develop trade and transport facilitation.

Construction characteristics


  In place Megali Rahi, is the namesake arch bridge which is part of the road network that spans the region.

The bridge dates from 1985 maintaining the morphological characteristics of bridge projects in the region.

The deck of the bridge is incorporated in the road and is paved, while for safety reasons was manufactured a newest protective wall on both sides.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  From the villages of the area that stand out are the Dolo, one of the most beautiful villages of Pogoni. The special value of this settlement has been recognized since 1978, when it was declared a traditional settlement, because of the significant architectural elements which are considered rare legacy. In Dolo stands out the church of St. Nicholas. This is the main temple of the village, which was built on the ruins of an older temple. The stone structure dominates the center of the village since 1814.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: On the road from Hani Delvinaki to Pogoniani

Peripheral Unit: Ioannina

Community: Hani Delvinaki - Pogoniani

Location: Megali Rahi

River: Drin

Coordinates: N 39° 59΄06,0΄΄ E 020° 24΄93,0΄΄

Altitude: 616 m.

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