#93 Bridge of Ali Pasha


It is an arched stone bridge that is located at the entrance of the tunnels of Egnatia highway in the area of the village of Demati. It bridges Mpaklani, a stream of Metsovitiko, which pours into Arachthos.


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Metsovo represented all the local trends of the architectural and domestic creativity. Its main characteristics are its steep slopes and the harmonious use of its natural and architectural features that create a complex urban system which is divided into Kato Metsovo and Pano Metsovo. In the village, there are two main perpendicular roads that lead to the four cardinal points. The village's main street is an artistic cobbled path that passes through the center of the village and goes from West to East. The houses on that street are a beautiful example of the traditional style of local architecture. Their main features are the sculpted ceilings and handmade textiles.

The monastery of St Nicolaus is built on the gully of the river that flows near Metsovo, on a beautiful slope full of vineyards at 4.5 km distance from Metsovo, on the road to Anilio. According to tradition it was built in 1332, was restored in 1700 and 1960. Its iconostasis dates back to the late 17th century and its murals to the 18th century, some of which were made by Stergios Panagiannis. The monastery of the Holy Mother is dedicated to the Assumption of Holy Mother. It is located at the gully of the river of Metsovo and was built in the 17th century. In its church there are murals and icons of 1754 as well as a remarkable iconostasis.

The church of St Paraskevi, the oldest in Metsovo, is located in the center of the village. It was restored in 1511. In the churchyard stands the remarkable belfry that was built in 1880. The church's interior is decorated with a sculptured iconostasis and beautiful icons. The church of St Charalambos is located in the southeast side of Metsovo. It is a large basilica with three aisles, which was repaired in 1843 by Yiannis Tsanakas from Metsovo. The All Saints church is located in the north side of Metsovo. It was completely destroyed in 1848 in a fire and was rebuilt in 1850. It has icons and an iconostasis of great artistic value.

Two remarkable museums, Evaggelos Averof's gallery and the modern conference dome add to the cultural sites of Metsovo. The mansion of Baron Michael Tositsas was built in1661 and was renovated in 1956, so that it would be able to house the museum's exhibits that are dated from the 4th to the 19th century. The museum's coin collection has coins that are from the era of Constantine the Great to the era of Andronicus II Palaiologos. The museum exhibits icons, daily life items, clothes, weapons, etc. from the Post Byzantine period.

At a short distance from the square of Metsovo the Tsanakas house is located, home to the historical documents of the municipality, private collections and museum artifacts. The gallery of the Evaggelos Averof-Tositsas Foundation is located below the old castle of Metsovo, on the central square. The library works since 1988 and hosts works of Greek artists such as Pantazis, Lytras, Roilos, Gyzis, Parthenis, Iakovidis, Maleas, Prosalentis, Chantzis, Volanakis, Lempesis, Oikonomou and others.

There are many shops on the square of Metsovo that sell handicrafts, wooden utilitarian objects, barrels, traditional textiles, dairy products and the famous "Katogi" wines that are produced in Metsovo. Metsovo provides good accommodation as it has a lot of hotels, restaurants, taverns and traditional cafe.

At the settlement's entrance you can find he Information Center of the National Park of Pindos-Valia Kalnta, which houses exhibits of the region's culture and nature.

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Directions: When going from Ioannina to Metsovo on the old road, you can find the bridge on your right, at the Mpaklani spot, outside of Demati.

County: Ioannina

Community: Demati

Location: Mpaklani spot

River: Metsovitiko River

Coordinates: N 39° 43΄02, 8΄΄ E 021° 01΄23, 3΄΄

Altitude: 584m

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