#92 Bridge of Mantilas


It is a stone, arched bridge that is located within the village of Megalo Peristeri. It bridges a stream of Metsovitiko river, which pours into Arachthos. There is a traditional stone-built faucet on the road over the bridge.


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  Megalo Peristeri

Megalo Peristeri is located 43km from Ioannina and consists of scattered settlements that often bear the names of their founders, such as Kerasia, Ampelakia, Karyofyto, Kastri and Milies. Very interesting are the churches of St. Athanasius (17th century), St. Varvara, of St. Theodor, St. Demetrius, St. George and St. Paraskevi, the village's watermill and the building of the old primary school. There is a trail that leads from Megalo Peristeri to the Diamanti pass and from there to the Tsoukarela peak (alt. 2249) which is found after a five hour course.

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  Directions: It can be found in the village center

Regional Unit: Ioannina

Community: Megalo Peristeri

River: Arachthos River

Coordinates: N 39° 43,416΄ E 021° 03,730΄

Altitude: 807m

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