#89 Bridge of Gkoura


It is located within the village of Anthohori of Metsovo. It bridges the Metsovitiko stream, a tributary of Arachthos. Next to it, there is the traditional Gkoura faucet. It is a small bridge that was used by the villagers for their easier movements across the village.


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  A cist tomb of the late Helladic era was discovered in Pyrgos of Anthohori, on the left bank of the Metsovitiko stream. Shells of the prehistoric and of the classic period were discovered on the Agion Apostolon hill that is located near the previous spot. On the same hill, the deep niches in the rock and the worn out inscriptions indicate that the chapel of St Charalambos has taken the spot of an ancient outdoor sanctuary.

The museum of folklore and the museum of water power, both located in Anthohori, that exhibits a watermill, "nerotrivi" (= a machine used for harvesting the water power in order to better clean clothes, rugs, etc) and "mantania" ( = a machine that uses water current as fuel to weave clothes) that operate using the water from "Rema Rona" (= Rona stream). It is a representative example of the use of water power and an example of the technology of the pre-industrial era that people used to fulfil their need for food and clothing. The church of St Theodor is also very interesting. The priory of Red Stone (gr. Kokkini Petra) is located on a lush slope of Peristeri, to the right of the road that goes from Anthohori to Metsovo and at a distance of 3.5 km. The priory was built in the early 17th century, was renovated in 1732 and was decorated in 1765. The priory has suffered many damages and pillages throughout its life. Nowadays, only the church and the renovated dorms have survived and a big stone fence surrounds it.

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  Directions: Located in the village

County: Ioannina

Community: Anthohori

River: Arachthos River

Coordinates: N 39° 44,200΄ Ε 021°10΄28, 0΄΄

Altitude: 937m

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