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Alternative Activities Metsovou


Spread Joined slopes of Pindos village of Metsovo and Peristeri, hidden among pine, beech and fir trees in a landscape of wild beauty that rises from Mountain Peristeri,  Lake Aoou to Flegga and the passage of Katara, impress with the special beauty.

Activities of alternative tourism


Signposted hiking trails lead from the Prophet Elijah in Flegga Montenegro (alt. 2159 m) after course 5 hours and 30 minutes (signaling P1). From Metsovo, trail marking P2 leads to Tsouma Barba in 3 hours and 45 minutes and the plateau Politsies 5 hours (signaling P3). In passing the international path E6 Syrrako to the top of Peristeri Tsoukarela (alt. 2249 m), then the Anthohori and Metsovo after 13 hours of Metsovo in Vovoussa through Arkoudomera Valia Calda to 11 hours.

Ski Center

Metsovo are three ski centers: the Politses, Karakoli and the youngest of all, the ski resort of Zigos.


the visitor may follow routes 12 (Difficulty V + to IX - Scale UIAA) on climbing.


The area is ideal for kayaking. Lake Aoou, but the river Metsovitikos offered for experienced kayak enthusiasts and monoraft.


The many dirt roads are ideal for mountain biking. A bike ride around the lake Aoou will delight you.


The Prophet Elijah is possible for riding the plateau Politsies.



Category: B

Touli 4 Metsovo, 44200

Phone: 26560-42300, 42710


Category: E

Trinity 22, Metsovo, 44200

Phone: 26560-41672


Category: C

Metsovo, 44200

Phone: 26560-42003


Category: B

Zaoussis 3 Metsovo, 44200

Phone: 26560-41844, 41833, 42442


Category: C

Metsovo, 44200

Phone :26560-41534, 41230


Category: A

Zaoussis 5, Metsovo, 44200

Phone: 26560-29100/1

Points of Historical and Cultural Interest


Metsovo was the center of local expression data and trends of the residential and architectural creativity.

Built on the slopes of Mountain Lyggos full of nobility and pride, at an altitude of 1156 meters, is built Metsovo. It is the oldest residential downtown area and staging location, transaction and service of passing traders from East and West.

Opposite Metsovo is Anilio built below the top of Peristeri Beech

Interestingly, the church of Agia Paraskevi with its magnificent temple and its beautiful frescoes.


Remarkable cultural monuments of Milia is the church of St. Nicholas which was built in the 16th century., St. Athanasios and Virgin Mary’s church too. Of interest are the fulling mill at the village entrance, the derelict mills and kiosks for Nature and Culture, from where you can retrieve information about the National Park of Pindos - Valia Calda, for paths and nature of the area.

After the Anatoliki lies the Vathipedo, which has remained independent community. The village was formerly called "Prosvala" and founded by Syrrakiotes guards the western border of Syrrakou, in the early 17th century. The churches of the village, the stone mansions, gorge Kakkavos, the dense forest of Flokas and waterfalls at the confluence of the streams' Goura Mare "and" Goura Nika. "


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