#128 Bridge of Klimatia


It is an arched stone bridge that is located outside the village of Klimatia which we can find by following the road to the river. It is buried under the modern road network.


Construction characteristics


  It is buried under the modern road network. The bridge's arc length has been measured and is 4.10m and its height is 3.40 (2.30+1.10) m. The bridge's deck length and width are 10m (9.60m) and 2.70m respectively.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  Temple of Arius Zeus

It is a temple that was built in the late 4th century BC and is located in Rodotopi of Ioannina at the foothills of the hill Gardiki. This temple, which was burned down in 167 BC by Aimilius Paulos, is the same as the temple of Arius Zeus of ancient Passaronas capital of Molossus. The conqueror of Macedonia destroyed the temple. Where the god of war was worshipped, but it was rebuilt and operated again, as indicated by the stone column capitals of the roman period and the roman statue that was found. The temple was of Ionic style, peripheral, with vestibule and a nave and its dimensions were 19.30m x 11m. The only parts of the temple that have survived are the crepidoma and part of the foundation and on the surroundings some parts of the ionic columns. The pterion had 6 x 11 columns while the temple ought to have been prostele with four columns. The temple was excavated consistently in 1952 by professor S. Dakaris.

Museum of Folklore of Rodotopi

It is located in Rodotopi and operates since December 1994. The exhibits, which were donated to the museum by villagers, are pieces of the everyday life of the residents of the village that lived in the past.

Wine Festival of Zitsa

While waiting for the harvest to begin, the residents of Zitsa for thirty years, every second half of August, bring a touch of fun and revelry to the area. The events are accompanied by dancers from Eleousa, the community of Zitsa and other Greek regions that present local dances and events. The wine festival of Zitsa attracts hundreds of people, both residents and visitors, to the hill of the Monastery of Prophet Elias, who come to enjoy the good wine of Zitsa and the traditional music and songs by distinguished artists.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: We can find it crossing the only stream of the route when going to Kalamas River.

Regional Unit: Ioannina

Community: Klimatia

Coordinates: N 39° 42΄21, 9΄΄ E 020° 40΄11, 6΄΄

Altitude: 383m

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