#117 Bridge in Touli


It is a beautiful bridge that is close to the two other bridges of the area. It's arched and recently restored.

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  The priory of Dihounios

The priory of St Dimitrios Dihounios is built at an altitude of 550m on the road that leads to Seniko. The name of the priory, most likely, comes from the spot the priory was built, where two ravines merge. According to another version, it took its name from the location "Ntixouni" which in Arvanite means "two stakes" or from the two towers it once had. The current priory is the second that was built in that spot, however, the date of construction of the first one is something we don't know. Nevertheless, we know that bishop Trikkis Dionysius the Philosopher was a monk there and started there his revolution in 1611, the failure of which led to the destruction and seizure of his property and his relics.

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  Directions: The bridge located in the spot called gefyraki is a bit further from the bridge of Ksiropotamos. From there you will go straight ahead and after the tunnel of Agios Nikolaos you will find it on your right.

Regional Unit: Ioannina

Community Seniko

River: Tyrias

Coordinates: N 39° 33΄13, 5΄΄ E 020° 37΄42, 1΄΄

Altitude: 304m

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