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Construction characteristics


  It was built in 1853 and its construction cost 60.000 qirsh. The person who paid for it was Vasiliki Ioanni Kyriakoulis but its builders are still unknown. It was restored in 2006.

Close to the bridge there is a rock that depicts the Almighty of the old St Barbara community.

The current bridge that has three arcs, two of which are quadrants, must've replaced the old one during the latter half of the 18th century (after some damage or collapse of the original).

It should be noted that what appears to be a quadrant arc at the bridge of "Mavropetra" of Pournia is actually a semicircular old one that was half covered when the pedestal was expanded.

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data

  Pournia (Stratsiani)

It is a beautiful village surrounded by cold waters and beech and pine forests. Years ago there were three settlements, Staritsa, Selos and Anarguroi. The village took the name of the first settlement due to the wheat fields around it. In 1928 it was renamed to Pournia. That name came from the homonymous location west of the village and it means "a place with many sloes", which are called "pournies" in the village. According to a tradition, Pournia is the offspring of another village called Trapia. That one was built on the same place the current Trapia is. Trapia was one of the biggest villages during those ages, inhabited by 300 families and 1200 people that were into farming and building. However, the plague made its residents to migrate, which resulted in the depopulation of the village. Nowadays, the residents of Pournia are retired ranchers and lumberjacks in the forest association. A village's remarkable monument is the church of the Archangels, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, the village patron saints. The present church, a basilica styled church, is built on the site the old one was. Other remarkable buildings of the village are the school and the Amelico, a big building located east of the church, below the current playground. Some sights are the one-arched bridge of Selio (1871) and the one of Mavri Petra that was built in 1817, which you can spot before reaching the village. The bridge's special feature is its quadrant arches and the icon of the Almighty, depicted on a steep rock over the bridge. The icon, the fountain and the half destroyed mill complement the landscape.

You can enjoy the panoramic view of Smolikas, Gkamila and Grammos from Ntaliopoli, the place where deadly battles occurred during the war. During the Assumption of Mary holiday on the 15th of August the village has a big feast on the village central square and many people participate in it. One of its customs is that of Haskas, that can be found in many villages with slight variations. The headquarters of the Worldwide Residents of Pournia Club is in Athens. There is a hostel, a tavern and a traditional cafe in Pournia.

Imprinting figures

  Directions: You can spot it on the stream as soon as you enter Pournia. On the rock that is located near it, is depicted the icon of the Almighty.

Regional Unit: Ioannina

Community: Pournia

Location: Mavri Petra

River: Sarantaporos' tributary

Coordinates: N 40° 07΄50, 2΄΄ E 020° 50΄51, 2΄΄

Altitude: 751 m.

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