#72 Bridge of Topolitsa


There is enough information for almost all the bridges that exist, information that allow us to determine almost everything when it comes to its story, manufacturer, sponsor, etc. But for the bridge of Topolitsa the only known information is that of its date of construction, which is estimated around 1904, and that the money for it was given by Karagiannis.


Construction characteristics


Condition: Very Good

Builders: It was built by Yiannis Tsipas (1872-1949) with his "gang". His brothers Alexis (1878-1968) and Spyros (1880-1976) worked with him and he cooperated with Tolaros Frontzos (1864-1941), Dimitris Apostolou "Bzilos" (1866-1952), Petros Tseronis (1869-1945) and the later famous craftsman of the St. Bessarion belfry (1913) in Filippiada, Yiannis Ziounis (1875- 1917 or1918) and all of then were from Pyrsogianni.

Sponsor: George D. Karagiannis (1846-1934) from Pigi (formerly named Peklari)

Additional historical, cultural and touristic data


The priory Holy Mother of Stomio

It is located in one of the most stunning locations of our country, in the Aoos River's ravine, between the steep slopes of the mountains Gamila (alt. 2497m) and Trapezitsa (alt. 2022m). The priory was built at first on the opposite bank (in 1442). It was transferred to a small hill by Abbot Constantine in 1774. When the Germans attacked in 1943, only its temple survived the fire. Currently the priory of Stomio is a functional male monastery. It has 11 newly built rooms with the respective ancillary areas and a small cross-with a dome type church. Its iconostasis is very interesting containing a lot of Byzantine icons and the relics of many saints which were transferred there from Paleomonastiro. You can visit the monastery only by foot and it's a two hour long walk from the Konitsa Bridge. The monastery celebrates on September the 8th and it welcomes hundreds of believers from all across the country.

Crimson Holy Mother

The church of the Crimson Holy Mother is located at a short distance (3km) from Konitsa, near the Iliorrahi village. The church is dedicated to the Life Giving Source and it was built at the end of the 13th century in a single aisle basilica type. Its walls were built of bricks that came from a roman-old christian building that were close by and its murals were destroyed by the passing visitors. Nevertheless, several of them are still intact in the premises of the temple and date from the late 14th century.

Imprinting figures

Directions: Located on the spot called Bousi just outside Konitsa

Regional Unit: Ioannina

Community: Pigi

Location: Bousi-Ntopolitsa

River: Ntopolitsa- Aoos stream

Coordinates: N 40°03'54, 8'' E 020°44'35, 4''

Altitude: 461 m.

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